HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the underlying protocol that is used by World Wide Web (WWW) and it is a protocol defines how messages are transmitted, formatted, and what actions web browsers and servers should get in response to different commands [1]. HTTP is designed to enable communications between clients and servers. Two commonly used methods for a request-response between a client and server are: GET and POST [2].

GET — Requests data from a specified resource.

POST — Submits data to be processed to a specified resource.

Send Data with POST Requests in Ionic

Post requests code in Ionic [3]

Get Data with Get Requests…

Every time we develop a new app, there will always be something go wrong. However, developers can debug those apps to see what is happening step by step, where the problem comes from either it is a logical error, syntax error or runtime error. Here are the four common methods to test the Ionic apps as we develop [1].

Method 1: Using a Desktop browser

The most common way to debug the app is in the browser. We can test Ionic apps by running the apps with this following command

ionic serve

This command will load a livereload server for…

Git is a version control system that is used for tracking changes in computer files or managing work on those files among numerous people. It is mainly used for source code management in software development. Also, it can be used to keep track of changes in any set of files [1]. Basically, uploading source codes to store on clouds so that other people or developers can see the codes. There are many web-based Git and version control repositories available out there, including GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and so on.

To see common Git commands, simply type git in command prompt


A fundamental topic of IT security that often makes people hard to understand the difference between symmetric, asymmetric encryption, and hashing [1]. Before we go in details, we need to know that if the important data such as password is not encrypted or hash, the data will be in risk since the password is in plaintext and it is human-readable that can be used to login into the server without permission very easily. For HTTP in plaintext, the data can be seen in the URL when sending to the server using POST request. This allows not only the owner of…

Most applications require to know the identity of a particular user. By knowing a user’s identity, it allows the app to securely store user’s data in the cloud and provides the same personalized experience across all of the user’s devices.

Firebase Authentication provides backend services, easy-to-use SDKs, and ready-made UI libraries that can be used to authenticate each user on the app. It also supports authentication using usernames, passwords and so on [1].

To implement Firebase Authentication into the app, I need to write the codes in app.component.ts as follows.

Sign Out Feature

To sign user out of the app…

Hard disk drives and solid-state drives are common types of persistent storage. This can be in a form of file, block or object storage. On the other hand, RAM and cache are normally non-persistent, and data is lost once the power is turned off. However, non-volatile RAM are persistent. Persistence is useful in the event of a crash or reboot, data will not be lost [3].

What is a file?

A file is a series of bytes that contains numbers between 0 and 255. A file would be spread out to different areas on a storage device. There are two…

I can change my app name config.xml file under name tag. For description, email and author. This will display all information once I submit the app to App Store. If the name of the app is still not changed, then I can remove the iOS platform then add it back again.

cordova platform rm ioscordova platform add ios


[1] A. (2017). An error occurred when I was running “ionic cordova platform add ios”. [online] Stackoverflow.com. Available at: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44224573/an-error-occurred-when-i-was-running-ionic-cordova-platform-add-ios [Accessed 3 Aug. 2017].

Tabs make users easy to navigate between different pages or functional aspects of an app as demonstrated in [1]. The Tabs component is written as <ion-tabs>. It is a container of individual Tab components. Each individual ion-tab is a declarative component for a NavController.

User interface (UI) is a series of screens, pages or visual elements including buttons, tabs, icons, label and more that users use to interact with a device [5].

On the other hand, user experience (UX) is the internal experience that users have as they interact with all aspects of the application by navigating to different screens whether it is in a logical order or not.

<ion-input> is used for text inputs only including text, number, search, password, email, tel, and url. Ionic still uses an actual <input type=”text”> HTML element within the component. However, ion-input cannot be used for non-text…

Cross-platform development is exceedingly popular today as developers can gain access to the largest user-based as much as they can [1]. Cross-platform applications can be run on different mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and more. Both environments I am going to point out is Cordova and Xamarin.

Cordova is an open-source mobile development framework that allows developers to build cross-platform applications by using standard web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript as demonstrated in [2]. Cordova uses wrappers targeted to each platform and it depends on standards-compliant API bindings to be able to access mobile devices’ data, sensors…

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